Benefits of Chia Seeds

Called a super food by some, chia seeds have been around for hundreds of years, but in more remote parts of the globe. To wit, back when the ancient Aztecs were still alive and kicking, these remarkable seeds were actually a staple in their diet, and today, countries such as Mexico, Guatemala, Ecuador, Bolivia and Argentina commercially grow them. Because these seeds have been utilized for hundreds and hundreds of years, there have had to be many reasons for their popularity. It turns out that there are both many benefits and also uses of these chia seeds.

Harvested straight from the Salvia hispanica plant, chia seeds feature high quantities of those very good-for-you Omega 3 fatty acids, and they also have a bunch of different uses in your kitchen! The benefits of chia seeds are numerous, and you don’t even really have to prepare them or cook them much in order to obtain their health benefits. For example, if you eat them raw and as they are, you can already increase your intake of fiber by a meaningful amount.

Of course, the reason that these seeds have been on the receiving side of a resurgence in popularity, so to speak, is because of their health benefits, some of which just might surprise you. For instance, according to the Wise Geek website, these chia seeds will aid your body in the retention of both electrolytes and also fluids. Believe it or not, these chia seeds, once digested, will actually form a gel of sorts right inside of your stomach, and said gel works to slow down your body’s conversion of sugar into carbs. Another health benefit of these chia seeds is that they even aid your body in building up muscles and other tissues, too. A source of both boron, which helps your body to absorb calcium with greater efficiency, and even protein, chia seeds are also versatile. Science has also weighed in on chia seeds, confirming its helpful health benefits. A study done not too long ago has verified that these seeds raise both the EPA and the ALA levels in postmenopausal women.

How many times have you said to yourself, “Gosh, I could really use more energy in my day?” You have probably said this to yourself more than you care to remember or admit, and this is a complaint of a lot of people these days as stress, improper nutrition and generally poor lifestyle decisions leave us drained of energy far too early in the day! You will be glad to know that these miraculous chia seeds work to enhance your energy, too. Consider an experiment that the nutritionist Paul Bragg once did: He went on an endurance hike with a few associates of his, and he divided themselves into two groups. The first group ate chia seeds on the endurance hike, and the second group consumed whatever the heck they wanted. Can you guess which of the two groups came out on top on this particular endurance hike? Here are the results, and you can feel free to be astounded: The chia seed-eating group completed the hike in about 4-and-a-half hours before the other group, and the group that ate whatever its members’ hearts desired hardly was able to finish the hike at all! This is obviously not just a coincidence.

Diversity is the best way to describe the various uses of these chia seeds, both in terms of what you eat and what you drink. Consider this: Chia seeds can be used simply, such as when they are sprinkled over your salad or even your yogurt. Of course, on what you sprinkle this super food is really only restricted by your imagination since they make good toppings for vegetables, meats, soup and fish, too.

According to the website called Chia Seed Recipes, you can use chia seeds in dozens of ways. For example, you can incorporate these seeds with apple juice and create something edible called sago, and you can even create hot porridge from these seeds by first grinding them and then adding them to milk that is hot. If you want to use egg substitutes, yet are sick and tired of spending too much money for them at the store, chia seeds can also be a lifesaver for you. Simply combine just one dessert spoon of these seeds with a one-quarter cup of water; the egg substitute can be utilized for both cookies and cakes.

If you are a fan of pancakes in the mornings, then chia seeds can even be of use to you there. Just be sure to first grind down your seeds, and then combine them with milk, eggs and some flour for your quick and easy pancakes. Likewise, if you are a fan of making your own bread, then the inclusion of this super food can be a unique and interesting way of doing something a little bit different with your homemade bread. To incorporate your chia seeds into your homemade bread, just put some of the seeds into your flour!

While all of the above mentioned uses of these super seeds have so far been exclusively based on eating them, whether as a part of a recipe or just sprinkled on top of a finished food, you can also drink your chia seeds. If that sounds too hard to believe, then just remember that they are called a super food for a good reason: their versatility. The simplest way to drink them would be just to add them to a glass of water, yet this is too simple and might not hold your attention for too long. Thus, you should think about doing something a little bit fancier with these seeds. For instance, you can make chia fresca simply by incorporating some whole chia seeds to some diluted fruit juice. More detailed chia fresca recipes are available all over the Internet, and you’ll be stunned at how straightforward they are to make! Similarly, you can just incorporate chia seeds into your smoothies by throwing them into the blender with all the other ingredients and blending them all together.

Chia seeds are not called a super food for nothing, as the above illustrates. As you just read, they can be used for nearly anything in the kitchen, and they are good for your health, too. While you can just eat them raw, you might want to incorporate them into your favorite foods to enhance your eating experience.

Chia seed are nutritious and provides you calcium and protein which is needed for your tissues. They are rich in boron which helps your body to assimilate and use the calcium. It help your brain to perform better and these seeds are water loving. It has the ability to soak ten times of water than its weight. It keeps you hydrated for longer time and is easily digestible. It is available in concentrated form which helps you to take little amount which works more. The flavor is mild and goes well with sweet dishes. It enhances energy level in your body. Many Chia eaters believe that after eating Chia, they feel younger. The Chia seeds are versatile and you can use them in salads, spreads, shakes, ice creams and many other delicious foods. It makes your body slim by suppressing your appetite. Chia seeds are filling in taste and stomach and you feel full in less amount of food intake than before. It cleanses toxins from your body and makes you look, feel and be healthy. It enhances endurance power in you and so it is called Indian running food. Chia seeds travels through your body very fast and regenerate body tissue when you need them.

What is chia seeds benefits? We hope we answered that question for you.

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