Chia Seeds and Osteoarthritis

How does chia seeds and osteoarthritis fit? Well, the first thing we need to find out is what these seeds are and where they come from. These seeds are harvested from a Salvia hispanica plant that is commercially grown in Mexico, Argentina, Guatemala, Bolivia and Ecuador. The seed is known for its high source of omega-3 fatty acids. The seed is edible, of course and it’s used as a natural remedy for certain ailments and diseases. What makes them so unique? Well, they contain oils for your body that’s essential, omega 3 and 6. It also has 5 times more calcium than milk, it has twice as much protein as other grains or seeds, and it has a mineral that assists with transferring calcium into your bones called boron.

So, that’s where chia seeds and osteoarthritis comes together. These seed have loads of medical uses as well. Some natural remedies can sometimes work better then medications prescribed and natural remedies are cheaper. Not everyone likes using medication with extra chemicals that could be harmful to your body; in fact most people would prefer using a natural remedy. It’s very important to understand that not all natural remedies will have the same effect on everyone, and not all of them can be good for every person. Just with regular, over the counter, medicines there are dosages that need to be followed. There can also be additional things in the product, so the leaflet of the medication needs to be read carefully before use.

But, how does chia seeds and osteoarthritis work? The seed has anti-inflammatory properties and it’s high in omega 3. It lubricates the joints and can reduce swelling. The boron found in the seed is used to treat osteoarthritis; it helps with muscle building and to strengthen bones. As mentioned above, boron is a mineral that helps to transfer calcium into your bones. The great thing about these seeds is that they have more calcium than you’ll find in milk, which is good for strengthening your bones. The omega 3 reduces inflammation and omega 6, found in the seed, reduces arthritis symptoms. There are lots of extra health benefits that chia seeds have.

How long have chia seeds and osteoarthritis been working together? These seeds were used as food first, and it’s still used in foods today. Who started using the chia seed and why? Well, it’s said that the ancient Aztec’s used it as a food and as a medicine. The seeds gave them unlimited energy, health and stamina. These seeds to them was more valuable than gold. So for a long time these seeds have aided numerous people with their beneficial health properties. Today these seeds are used for the basically the same reasons the ancient Aztec’s used them. It’s fascinating to know that the same natural remedy, which helped so many years, ago still works. It was also used for numerous reasons back then. Why not give it a try, and then you can see how chia seeds and osteoarthritis work together.

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  1. Going to try out the black chia seeds for my osteoarthritis in my left knee.I just wish I knew how long this process takes with the chia seeds.How long do you have to take it for in order to be effective in my system? Please,let me know.


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