Chia Seeds and Weight

It’s said that one tablespoon of chia seeds can last you up to 24hours before you’re hungry again. So, I can see where chia seeds and weight loss will work together. We all know that when you’re trying to shed a few pounds you’re bound to try anything. So why try these chia seeds? Well, it’s safe to say that chia seeds and weight loss make a great team, but why? It’s true that these seeds swell about 9 x their size when put into water. So it’s true that you won’t go hungry for quite some time when you’ve eaten a few. What’s even greater about these seeds is that you can put them in your food. You don’t just have to eat them as is, but you can as they don’t taste bad.

All you need is chia seeds and weight loss is sure to be the result, if used correctly. These seeds are very healthy as it contains magnesium, calcium, fiber, Omega 3 oil, protein and boron. This seed is a natural remedy, so no harmful chemicals or side effects. You don’t have to starve yourself and go on a eating frenzy when you can’t control your hunger anymore. Any time that you feel hungry just have a couple of the seeds with some water or juice, and you’ll be fine for a couple of hours. No more “yo-yo” diets and pills that could potentially harm you if you ingest these seeds.

Normally when you want to lose some pounds you also need to exercise, but the problem with this is that you don’t always have enough energy. Not a problem with chia seeds and weight loss will be a lot faster if you exercise regularly. These seeds provide you with complete protein and it helps in balancing your blood sugar, all this gives you a lot more energy to burn off at the gym. These seeds also help in keeping you regular due to seed being high in fiber. Vitamin B1, which is also found in the seed, helps your metabolism. The seed also contains other vitamin and minerals that are really good for your body, some of these can actually help you reduce or eliminate cravings.

If you’ve already tried chia seeds and weight loss was obtained, then you know exactly what I’m talking about. This is one of the safest, cheapest ways to lose weight, and not only that but it’s overall very healthy. So, if you’re not really up to just eating seeds like a bird you can put these chia seeds in a dish of your choice, making it healthier. There are a few great recipes you can use these seeds in. They can also be grounded into a meal to use for baked goods and porridge. You could even make chia fresco, a well known dish in Mexico when you soak the seeds in juice or water to make the dish with. The possibilities on how you want to consume them are endless. Have fun with your chia seeds and weight loss.

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2 thoughts on “Chia Seeds and Weight”

  1. I like to gain weight, how can i put on weight by consuming chiaseeds? I am underweight and i am interested on the other benefits of chiaseeds such as the calcium and the protein content.Please reply.

    • Chia seeds are usually helpful in losing weight, as they are very filling. I haven’t heard of them used for gaining weight.


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