How to Eat Chia Seeds

The chia seeds derive from the Salvia Hispanic plant which can be found in the south of Mexico. They are extremely popular in the ancient Aztec and Mayan diets because of their capability of reducing the joint inflammation. The chia seeds have a nutty and light taste that is good with savory and sweet dishes. These are good reasons to learn how to eat chia seeds.

The first idea on how to eat chia seeds is to add them into your morning protein drinks and blend them or sprinkle the seeds on toast, oatmeals, sliced fruit, pancakes or yogurt. You can liberally add the seeds to any type of quick bread, cake, waffle or pancake batter just the same way you would add rice bran or wheat germ. You should begin by adding two tablespoons of seeds to any type of recipe that needs at least one cup of flour.

Another advice on how to eat chia seeds is to add them in salads or in your pasta sauce as well as garnishing the steamed vegetables. The chia seeds are a lot like the sesame seeds and you can eat them whole.

The third advice on consuming the chia seeds is to add them to your dinner by layering one pan of slivered potatoes and carrots and bake for about twenty minutes until they are brown. This way the chia seeds may be added to any grain dish or casserole like brown rice, quinoa, whole groat grains or millet.

Another idea is to chop some walnuts and slice thinly some unpeeled apples in order to get a quick snack on which you can add freely as much chia seeds you like. You can finish the whole thing with a spoonful of yogurt. Another nice recipe is to whip up some silken tofu, a tablespoon of chia seeds, cayenne pepper and on tablespoon of basil. Some raw vegetables can be added to this mixture and you will obtain a delicious high-protein dip.

The Chia seed represent the dream of every dieter come true. They can taste practically like whatever you desire and they will keep the hunger feeling away from hours after eating. The hunger can be the worst enemy when you try to lose weight and by learning how to eat chia seeds you will be successful in having a balanced diet and lose weight at the same time.

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