Growing Organic Chia Seeds

Chia seeds are the hot topic in the world health market for quite some times now. People who are in a diet plan for reducing weight or people who wants to lead a healthy life are having it. The Chia seeds are so popular because of their multiple nutritional values and low fat contents. The seeds and its products can be brought from your local health shop or if you want you may order them online. There are companies who are manufacturing the Chia seeds products and marketing them all over the world. They have their websites where you can log on and find out the importance of it.

If you want to grow your own Chia seeds at your place then you can easily do it. You need to take a cup of Chia seeds and soak them in water for around 15 minutes to moisturise them. After they are properly moisturised you need to prepare a bed in a tub. The seed thrives well in the alluvial silt soil and requires a regular watering. Plant your seeds in the wet soil bed using your hands and a gardening knife.

After a day or two you will find the sprouts coming out and the seed coat is shredded. Keep a close eye on your plants so that the insects and flies do not damage them. The seeds will require optimum sunlight and air to grow. The baby plants will grow up with in a few weeks time. You can apply organic fertilisers to the plants which will definitely facilitate their growth.

You can log on to the internet and do a little research on the Chia seeds and their cultivation before you start growing your own Chia seed. The websites also offer you free instructions regarding the usage of fertilisers while growing the plants.

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