Interesting Facts about Chia Seeds

There are quite a few interesting facts about chia seeds, which I discovered while doing some research. “Sharing is caring”, or so the phrase goes. But, before I start sharing all these interesting facts about chia seeds, you’d probably want to find out what it is exactly before I do. Chia seeds are from a plant called Salvia hispanica; it’s used in foods as part of a healthy diet or for medicinal reasons. It’s packed with vitamin, minerals and nutrients for these purposes. It’s seen as a natural remedy when used as a medicine, which is safe to use. Here are some of the interesting facts about chia seeds thousands of years ago:

• As early as 3500 B.C these seeds were used firstly as food.
• The Ancient Aztecs felt that the seeds were more valuable than gold.
• Even the Ancient Aztecs used the seeds for its medical abilities, like relieving joint pain.
• These seeds also played a role in the religious ceremonies of the Aztecs.
• The word chia originated from the Aztecs word for oily, chian.
• A tablespoon of chia seeds was enough to sustain an Aztecs runner or warrior.
•  Cinteotl was the maize god to the Aztecs, and they believed that the seed came from the nose of the god.
It’s fascinating to know that the seeds have been around for quite some time. It seems that the world is being re-introduced to the chia seeds and all its wonders. Here are some other interesting facts about chia seeds that will also fascinate you:
• These seeds are harvested from a type of sage in the mint family, a plant known as Salvia hispanica.
• These seeds can be grounded into a meal, called pinole, which is used for baked goods and porridge.
• The seeds are still commercially grown in Mexico, Bolivia, Ecuador, Argentina and Guatemala.
• When the seeds are covered with water it develops a jellylike texture. The seed is very absorbent and can expand up to 12 times their original weight.
• The jellylike texture of the seed when soaked in water or fruit juice is used for a Mexican dish known as chia fresca.

These are just some of the many interesting facts about chia seeds. There are so many, as the chia seed has so many uses. Here are some of the uses, which could also be seen as interesting facts about chia seeds. Omega 3 found in the seed can help reduce depression, insomnia, anxiety and sadness. Boron, which is a mineral that helps the calcium to be absorbed by the bones, can also be applied to infected areas on the skin. 200mg of calcium is about 3 tablespoons of chia. Chia seeds can also be used to treat arthritis symptoms. There really are so much more interesting facts about chia seeds; you would really be doing yourself a favor to research it some more, you’ll be amazed on how much info you’ll find.

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