What are Chia Seeds?

Amidst the many different health foods that are out there, chia seeds are getting a lot of attention lately. What are chia seeds though? They are part of a larger plant that grows in tropical regions. It is grown at a large scale specifically to harvest the seeds which can be eaten raw, used to extract oil and various other elements. The seeds are small and can have a gray or black color to them. They absorb a great deal of water and are heavily sought after for their nutritional values. There are several elements that you should look into as to adding this into your daily routine. The flowering plant has been grown for centuries across Latin America. It has been used for food, and nutrition dating back to centuries.

The Nutrition

The main reason why this is an important factor is the nutritional content that comes within the grasp of the seed. The seed itself has a great number of elements and is high in omega-3 fatty acids, amidst several vitamins and minerals. Some of the most prominent include niacin, thiamine, magnesium, and much more. It has been considered a super food due in large part to the number of vitamins and minerals it has, including upwards of 20% of daily recommended value of several.

Benefits Abound

The nutritional profile of chia seeds is immense, but the benefits may eclipse the raw numbers. Consider up front that the benefit of taking this could in fact stave of cancer cells from developing. The seeds are full of antioxidants, which have been known to fight free radical formation in the body. At the molecular level, these radicals are the building blocks of mutations that turn into cancer. While it is not a “cure”, health professionals have concluded that antioxidants help generate overall good health and reduce the risk of various cancers.

Aside from the antioxidant and nutrient profiles, consider that the majority of the caloric intake that comes with chia seeds are derived from fiber. Without a heavy carb load, you will receive a large impact of fiber which can help with digestion, and healthy living as a whole. With this helping hand, consumption can also lead to improved circulation as well as reducing risk of heart attack and more. They work with the body’s natural systems to help create outstanding results. Research is still ongoing with many of the other benefits which can include bone nutrition, blood health, lowering cholesterol, weight management, and much more. As more people take this supplement, more information comes through about the power of this superfood.

Taking The Seeds

There are several ways that you can utilize this nutrient in daily routines. The seeds themselves can be eaten raw, but most opt to mix them into food sources such as smoothies, yogurt, and other elements. They blend well and do not have a distinctive taste to them. A handful of the seeds can create significant supplemental help to the body’s overall systems. They can be purchased in bulk, or through various means, and can also be added to existing recipes with relative ease.

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