White vs Brown Chia Seeds

If you are searching for an easy method of losing weight without letting yourself starve, then the chia seeds might be the right choice for you. They are very simple to use, they are delicious and they are able to add more nutrition in your dist, without too much expense or hassle.

The white vs brown chia seeds debate tries to determine which of the two types of seeds is best for a proper diet. As you have already realized, there are two different types of Chia, both of them varieties of the same plant. Both of them have tiny seeds and of course flowers. The most important thing you need to know about the white vs brown chia seeds is that the seeds have different colors.

The brown chia seeds are produced by the plant with purple flowers. They are named black chia even if there are more like some brown varieties that are merged in a sort of unique pattern. The plants that have white flowers produce only the white chia seeds. These are not all white as well, but more like a mixture of grey, white and yellowish. Both types of seeds do no have a taste or flavor of their own, since they can be used in the same way, by forming the chia gel.

The white vs brown chia seeds debate established that the seeds are quite similar in the nutritional content and you can even use them combined, in order to get the best out the both of them. Some of the chia sellers provide only one sort of seeds, but you need to pay attention to the nutritional values before making any purchase.

Here are some of the nutritional values that these seeds contain: 4.3 protein for black seed and 5.17 protein for white seed, 6.52 fiber for black seed and 5.52 fiber for white seed and 0 cholesterol for the both kinds of seeds.  This show you that the white vs brown chia seeds debate is entitled to exist. You can mix together the two type of seeds and you will thus get the best nutritional values for a healthy diet.

Of course, you can consume the seeds separately, but since you have realized that there is a real white vs brown chia seeds issue, it is best to merge them for the proper nutritional values to be added to your diet.

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