Salba vs Chia Seeds

The salba vs chia seeds discussion is a debate that is widespread on the internet and elsewhere. It seems like there is a lot of disagreement and confusion over the salba being the same thing as chia. A brand of white chia seed is produced by a company located in Canada and it has the same name.

Salba does not represent only a registered name for the chia seeds. There are some significant differences between Salba and Chia seeds. The Salba is very nutritionally consistent; it is higher in proteins than chia as well as being higher in Omega3 fatty acids. Another difference between the two types of seeds is the more aesthetical appeal in the preparation of food than chia. The chia seeds have a lower level of water absorption. The Salba flowers are white at the same time as the chia has purple or blue flowers. Lastly, the salba seeds are grown in controlled conditions.

There are many people who agree that salba is one variety of Chia that mostly grow in Peru. The normal chia is grown in Mexico as well as in the south of the United States. The seeds are darker and the flowers are colored. As stated above, salba claims to have a better nutritional value and to be suitable for diabetics.

Salvia hispanica also known as chia represents a plant that is native to Mexico. It was cultivated since the pre-Columbian times and it was very much valued at that time, being offered as a tribute to the rulers. It is still used in South America and Mexico and the seeds are good as a food source, as well as nutritious drinks.

Chia is commercially grown for the seeds, that are extremely rich in omega 3 acids, it is a very good source of amino acids and antioxidants. There are many health benefits enclosed in the chia seeds and it is considered a novel food.

The chia seeds can be eaten in the raw form as well as an omega-3 supplement and a dietary fiber. The chia seeds are sometimes added to the pinole, which is course flour that is created from maize kernels which are toasted. The ground chia seeds are employed in some types of baked goods like cakes, breads and biscuits.

The salba vs chia seeds debate is far from being over. The two types of seeds are extremely similar and it is up to you to decide which is better for your health. The salba vs chia seeds discussion is less important than the effects of the seeds.

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